Hi, I'm Andrew, a Web Developer from Hobart


I completed my Masters of Information Systems and Technology by research in November 2016. My thesis, Differential Evolution for Multiobjective Agricultural Water Management, examined the problem of minimising the environmental flow deficit in natural resources, while maximising the net revenue yielded from crops. I did this using Differential Evolution, a technique that had previously had difficulty in discovering diverse solutions, and implemented an alternative solution representation. I was able to produce significantly more diverse solutions, while achieving a higher net revenue (thus performing better on the objectives). Of note, the programming for my thesis was done in C++, meaning I have a high level of patience and determination.

Since completing my Masters I have worked as a Software Developer for DPIPWE where I make SharePoint web applications. Perhaps its because of my experience with SharePoint, but in my own time I have really enjoyed working with some of the tech that people love to hate. PHP has been a stalwart of my projects from when I was teaching myself to program, and through Uni. In recent times though I have started working with JavaScript as a full stack language. Maybe I’m a sicko, but I actually really like JavaScript. I think this may be due to limitations in my previous work where I could only develop on the front end, and took that about as far as I could to build a reporting suite.

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Posted on: February 1, 2018

I recently decided that it may be worth my while to get some experience with WordPress. It seems like it’s one of those things that you are likely to encounter at some point (we have at least one site hosted on it at work, for example). But I needed a project to make it worthwhile. A podcast that I listen to, the Luke and Pete Show, has a feature most weeks called Mencarta. This is where they induct interesting events, people, things into Mencarta, which is their take on a modern-day Encarta Encyclopedia.

It’s a fairly basic site currently, and is the clearest indication yet that I am not a graphic designer, but it is a work in progress and has allowed me to get around the basics of WordPress development.