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A site I was working on recently involved applying a new colour theme as part of a rebuild of an existing site. I was given a base colour and was then required to put in place gradients, and various other shades of that colour at points (think :hov etc). I was then asked to change from the colour I was given to another, and then another. I did what any sane person would, and turned to the internet for help. Unfortunately, I found that despite the wealth of easily found tools for creating palettes of complementary colours and converting hex to rgb and a whole manner of things, I could not find what I wanted. All I wanted was to enter a colour, and get increments of that colour that were lighter and darker all the way to white and black.

Given all my searching had failed me, I decided I would have no choice but to implement this tool myself! And actually, what a fun little task to do. Now, I must stress that this was made with the intent of giving me what I needed as quickly as possible. Consequently, it is imperfect, ugly, and perhaps a little inelegant. However, that can all be changed down the line, what it does do though is meet the exact specification of what I needed!

You can view the tool over on Github (code).