SharePoint Content Type Inheritance

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So here is a gotcha that was discovered at work in the last week…it appears that content types don’t just inherit, they also pass properties back up to their parents! Essentially, I had a content type that was being used for a list. The content type inherited from built-in property types, you know the deal Document from Item type thing. Anyway, there was a request to update the compulsory Title field in the list to be ‘Surname’ instead. Simple enough you would think. Well, it is and it isn’t. If you try to be a good little developer and think that you will update the content type because you might use it again and you will want it to be ‘Surname’ there too, well, you would be wrong. This is what was done, but then ‘Surname’ was popping up all over the place! It turns out that it had sent that edit of the field name back up it’s inheritance and sent them all through the site. The correct way to apply the change is on the List Settings for the specific list where you want to change the Title display name.